From Digital Humanities to Research Infrastructures, a motivating talk by Lorna Hughes at Athena R.C.


On Wednesday, March 2nd 2016, Digital Curation Unit – Athena R.C. hosted a talk by Lorna Hughes, Professor of Digital Humanities and DCU Visiting Scientist 2016, entitled From ‘Digital Humanities’ to ‘Research Infrastructures’.


Sharing local cultural heritage online with LoCloud services - A LoCloud Conference


The Digital Curation Unit, in the context of its involvement in the LoCloud project, participated in the Conference “Sharing local cultural heritage online with LoCloud services” which was held in Amersfoort, Netherlands in February 2016.




The Europeana Research Workshop “Using European Infrastructures for Humanities research: Scoping Content, Tools and Users” was hosted by the Digital Curation Unit – Athena R.C., on 12 and 13 October 2015.


CARARE Training workshop


In the context of CEF project, a training workshop was held in 7-8 December at York, England. The main goal of the workshop was to re-activate the CARARE community so as to improve or update their content in Europeana.


Training workshop: Tools for the management of digital data relevant to cultural heritage: from creation to publication


DCU is organizing a 20-hours workshop on the use of documentation tools for cultural data. The workshop is part of the DARIAH-DYAS project and addresses issues such as the documentation of photographic resources, the use of metadata registries, the documentation of archaeological resources, aspects of interoperability and certification in Digital Humanities etc.


Training workshop: Digital methods and tools for archaeological data curation


The training workshop is part of a five-day Summer School organised in the context of the ARIADNE project on “Emerging digital practices in archaeological research”. This workshop is open to participants interested in the use of…


Digital Humanities: Strategic Partnership


“Athena” Research Center, as part of a consortium of seven universities and research centers across Europe, recently received an Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership grant to develop an open-source, high quality, multilingual reference curriculum for the digital arts and humanities.


NeMO: The NeDIMAH methods ontology / DG Digital Methods and Practices Observatory (DiMPO)


Largely grounded on still on-going empirical research on scholarly practices undertaken in several DARIAH-related projects including Preparing DARIAH, DARIAH-GR, and EHRI, the NeDiMAH Methods Ontology (NeMO) emerged as a collaboration between


Invitation to take part in LoCloud competiition


LoCloud is launching an international competition focussing on local heritage and culture.


ARK4 Workshop in Athens


In the context of the research project Ark4, a cooperation project between 4 Institutions of Trondheim, Norway: NTNU UB; IDI; Regional State Archives andDeaf Museum, a workshop was held at the DCU – Athena R.C. (Athens) on February 7 2015.