SHARE 3D - Sharing new perspectives

Share3D_bannerThe European Commission (Connecting Europe Facility – CEF) funded project “Sharing new perspectives” will use interest in 3D as a driver to encourage end-users to engage with content that is accessible through Europeana in a creative and highly interactive way. The project will create user friendly tools and storytelling services that offer end-users interesting, informative and memorable experiences about European Culture in which they are able to browse cultural content, make links between related items, add descriptions and knowledge, and share the results with friends, colleagues, classmates, students, visitors and others. The tools will enable end-users to select a 3D model accessible in Europeana via hosting on Sketchfab, add annotations to views of the model and create links to other materials accessible through Europeana and other media services creating interactive resources that tell unique stories for education, tourism, research and personal memories. The project will showcase the potential of allowing users to both produce and consume cultural heritage content, and of giving users the opportunity to share their stories and share their discoveries.

Project objectives:

1. Using interest in 3D as a driver to encourage end users to engage with 3D and other content that is accessible through Europeana and to use it in a creative and highly interactive ways.

2. Developing a set of tools and services to enable end-users to both make 3D content hosted on Sketchfab discoverable by Europeana users, and also to create interactive resources re-using 3D content and other materials accessible in Europeana.

3. To showcase the re-use of 3D and other Europeana content in applications for education, tourism, the creative industries and research.

4. To demonstrate interest in the developed tools and services from people and institutions across Europe, and the potential for cross-border applications.

5. To respond to the demand from education to transform the way in which technology is used in the classroom encouraging the development of 21st century digital skills.