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13About Share3D

Share3D: Sharing your perspectives, initiated in September 2018. It is an EU funded project (Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2017/1568597, action No: 2017-EU-IA-0139), where Digital Curation Unit/IMSI – Athena RC is the coordinator. There are four more partners in this project; CARARE, NoHo, University of Vilnius, and Visual Dimension. All of them are active on cultural heritage and have the necessary skills and experiences towards the goal: to make cultural heritage assets available, online accessible to all, and encourage people to co-create share and experience cultural heritage objects via stories.

Therefore, Share3D enables users to use two newly developed tools – the Share3D Dashboard and the Share3D Storymaker -, each for a specific purpose and targeted on unique audiences. The 3D content that is available in Sketchfab can be blended with Europeana records (2D & 3D) and build a story for educational purposes, creative expressions, tourism, research.


The Tools of Share3D



TheShare3D Dashboard  is a cloud based service that allows registered users to import their 3D models directly from their Sketchfab account, edit their metadata records as Share3D defines and save the changes. Then, the 3D models can be submitted to Europeana (Passing through an approval process by Europeana) and be publicly and open to the community.

The dashboard is ideal for:

  • creators of 3D models that depict a cultural object/monument and want to share it
  • cultural institutions i.e. galleries, museums, that want to capture their collections and disseminate their value
  • researchers i.e. archaeologists that want to capture monuments, landscapes, excavation findings and document them digitally


Sketchfab allows the transition of its listed 3D models to Europeana via Share3D dashboard, expanding its value and role towards enriching and cataloging cultural heritage objects.



The Share3D Storymaker, is a cloud service tool that enables users to explore, create and experience 3D objects as stories, in a disruptive way. The Storymaker allows users of any background and experience to blend together 3D objects from Sketchfab, Europeana (2D & 3D), their own repository with images, and form creative stories by using any of the three templates:

  • A story around a 3D object with 2D & 3D hotspots
  • A story composed of 2D & 3D slides
  • A story with a combination of 2D & 3D objects mapped on a timeline

There are guidelines that a user can easily access and follow starting from the signup process, creation, management and publication of a story.

The Storymaker is ideal for:

  • Educational purposes i.e. teaching in a classroom and viewing the story around a 3D object, landscape, artist, scientist, etc.
  • Tourism i.e. using a 3D story of a monument as a tourist guide, tourists can comprehend and visualise better the monument and its history
  • Creative industries i.e. 3D content can attract viewers attention in a scene
  • Research, as a 3D story can be effectively communicated to a broader audience to reach recognition and raise awareness


Beyond imagination, the storymaker can trigger the curiosity of people to learn how a preserved cultural object/monument/landscapes looks like (from Europeana) and view effortlessly every detail of it in 3D accompanied with the story around it.


Top stories picks

We advise the reader of this article to visit the Share3D Storymaker webpage and explore the multi-thematic stories publicly available. You can read below, a list of top examples chosen by the template used.



notre dame -timeline storyTimeline Story

A great example of a story that combines information and a tragic story of a cultural heritage monument is the one about Notre Dame de Paris. The story starts at 1163 a.c. when the construction of Notre Dame started, till April 2019 where a fire broke out and destroyed a big part of the monument. Viewers of this story can examine the 3D model of the remains after the disaster.



palaiologos - hotspot storyHotspot story

Another story is about the Constantine XI Palaiologos, the last emperor of Roman Empire. The story creator uses a realistic 3D model of the emperor and describes the armory of the era, shows the clothing through the 3D model coloring palette, and builds a story around the incentives of Constantine to fight.



van gogh - slideshow storySlideshow story

An artist and the 3D view of his magnificent work are the focus of the story around Vincent van Gogh. The story describes the life, family of the artist and continues with a 3D presentation of few of the most known paintings like The bedroom, The Starry Night, and The Night Cafe.



The future of 3D art and cultural heritage seems to be a bright one. Creators of 3D models can expand the use of their work into different dimensions of creativity – AR, VR, fantasy worlds in gaming, immersive digital experiences in museums, simulation environments and so much more. As technology evolves, the outcomes of bridging culture with 3D technologies can be outstanding. Just imagine being inside a 3D monument of ancient era (i.e. Dionysos Theater), feel and hear the surroundings, enjoy Lysistrata, play of Aristophanes and feel the katharsis inside you.


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