Europeana DSI

The Europeana DSI project builds on and continues the operation of the existing Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure’s (DSI) Core Service Platform (CSP) following the Europeana DSI (-1) and (-2) actions. It will be the third project for the completion of Europeana’s strategy 2015-2020. As a resource for the creative and cultural economy, for education and for research, Europeana DSI is a major platform for individuals and professionals to get connected to Europe’s wealth of digital cultural resources. As a multi-sided platform, Europeana DSI serves to connect three market areas: 1) institutions that provide cultural metadata and content; 2) end-users who want to use cultural heritage data for personal interest, research or study; 3) re-users who use cultural heritage in their own services, tools, research and apps.

The project Europeana DSI has four main goals for the period it covers:

  1. Το create value for partners. Under this goal Europeana DSI-2 aims to provide a better customer experience in all three user groups, as well as embedding network centric thought in all activities.
  2. Το improve metadata and data quality, to innovate the way material is aggregated and to implement quality framework to improve metadata quality.
  3. To make data more openly accessible so that it may be viewed and re-used within its copyright and to develop community-segmented services and champion interoperability.
  4. To strengthen the Europeana ecosystem.

Europeana DSI will continue to ensure a unified and standardised method of access, delivery and distribution of newspapers, letters, books, diaries, archival documents, music, sounds, films, TV broadcasts, museum objects and other cultural objects. In this context, the Europeana DSI is one of Europe’s most ambitious enterprises. Of course, as Europe is one of the most linguistically diverse continents of the world, Europeana DSI will continue to apply new technologies to make culture available in multiple languages. Europeana DSI will continue to help solve border issues around data transfer by promoting the need for copyright reform on a European level.

Athena R.C. participates in DSI both as a technical partner with the MORe platform (supporting the CARARE network as part of DSI) and also through Europeana Research.

More information available at Europeana’s website: