DSI-2 Kick-off Vienna 2016

Date: 2016-09-07


The event was organized by Europeana and the Austrian National library and was hosted by the Austrian National Library  in Vienna, on 7-8 September 2016.

DSI-2  will facilitate the transition of the Europeana website from a portal to a multi-sided platform while in the same time it will ensure the continued operation of the Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure (DSI). The project’s main objectives are to innovate the aggregation infrastructure, to improve the quality of the metadata and the quantity of digital objects, to have more objects with open licencing conditions, to create more thematic channels, as well as to create several ‘Expert Hubs’ across the Europeana network.


More photos of the event: https://www.flickr.com/photos/europeanaimages2/albums/72157670595329174