Stavros Angelis


I have been a research associate at the Digital Curation Unit – IMIS – Athena R.C. since 2008. I have participated in various projects including Preparing DARIAH, CARARE, EHRI, DYAS, ARIADNE, LoCloud, Europeana Cloud and 3D Icons. I have created a registry of greek organizations with cultural collections. I have contributed in the development of the digital repository system MOPSEUS and the CARARE Monument Repository where I also served as a repository manager. I also worked on the implementation of the CARARE metadata schema and the mappings from CARARE schema to EDM (Europeana Data Model) and ESE (Europeana Semantic Elements Schema). I have designed a number of user interfaces and websites including the CARARE store’s layout and the first DYAS website. My involvement in the preparing DARIAH and EHRI projects contained the identification of scholarly research activities from the field of arts and humanities.

I studied Archives and Library Science at the Ionian University (2004) where I received my MSc in Information Science (2006). My research interests include among others digital preservation, digital repositories, digital libraries, digital curation and metadata standards. My area of expertise include metadata schemas (Dublin Core, PREMIS, MODS, EDM etc) , web programming languages (HTML, CSS, PHP, XML, XSL etc) and database programming languages (SQL).