"The 'Digital Landscape in Greece' Web Survey" poster presentation in DARIAH Annual Event 2023

DigitalLandscape-Poster-DARIAH2023The Digital Landscape project, coordinated by Digital Curation Unit, participates in the DARIAH 2023 Annual Meeting, Budapest, 6-9 June, with a poster presentation.
Maria Ilvanidou (MOPSE/IMSI/Athena University), Vicky Dritsou (MOPSE/IPSE/Athena RC), Maria Gavriilidou (ILSP/Athena RC), Kanella Pouli (ILSP/Athena RC), Yorgos Tzedopoulos (Academy of Athens) and Irakleitos Souyioultzoglou (Academy of Athens) will present at the DARIAH 2023 Annual Meeting a poster on “The ‘Digital Landscape in Greece’ Web Survey”.
The poster aims to highlight some of the findings of the Digital Landscape Survey on current trends in digital work practices in the Humanities and Social Sciences in Greece. The survey was conducted in the framework of the Digital Landscape project between October 2022 and February 2023. The poster presents some preliminary results, focusing mainly on the impact of the pandemic on these practices and the expectations of the participants from Research Infrastructures.
The poster is accessible via the Zenodo repository here.