APOLLONIS kick off meeting, 5-6 February 2018

apollonisKickOffThe  kickoff meeting of the “APOLLONIS: Greek Infrastructure for Digital Arts, Humanities and Language Research and Innovation” project was held at the Athena Research Center on 5-6 February 2018. During the two-day meeting, all project partners came together to discuss and establish a detailed implementation plan, while various working groups were formed.

APOLLONIS brings together the leading strengths and capacities in the field of arts, humanities and language research by providing high-level computational tools, interoperable datasets and services. It consists of two ESFRI-related national networks in the social sciences and humanities area, Clarin:el and DARIAH-GR/DYAS, creating bridges where commonalities are observed. Clarin:el is the CLARIN-related Greek network for language resources, whereas DARIAH-GR/DYAS, the DARIAH-related Greek network, a founding member of DARIAH-ERIC, serves the arts and humanities research community. Together, they will build on existing cooperation initiatives, optimising the use of existing resources and access to new research opportunities. They will also foster synergies towards interdisciplinary research and transnational co-operation, thus improving the visibility and participation in ESFRI and other international scientific networks and initiatives.