Agiatis Benardou


Since 2009 I’ve been a member of the research staff of the Digital Curation Unit, where I initially worked for the Preparing DARIAH – the Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities project. Furthermore, I participated in the Greek Research Infrastructure Network for the Humanities (DYAS). During the last couple of years I worked on EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure). The subject of my research involved the identification and analysis of scholarly research practices and use of archival materials – both within and outside the digital domain – and how these might support and enhance research in Holocaust studies.

Since February 2013 I am leading a Work Package in the project “Europeana Cloud – Unlocking Europe’s research via the Cloud”. The objective of my work in this Project is Assessing Researcher Needs in the Cloud and Ensuring Community Engagement.

I have participated in various Greek and foreign archaeological excavations and surveys (Oropos, Eleutherna, Ithaki, Corinthia), and have presented papers in numerous conferences in Greece and abroad. I have worked for the Department of Greek and Foreign Scientific Institutions, Organizations and International Issues, Directorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities, Hellenic Ministry of Culture, as well as for the Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World. In 2008 I worked for PRC Group – The Management House, on the documentation and information management side of the project on the digitization and digital documentation of the collections of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.